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We have built the only platform that provides a digital auditory representation of the spatial map information, as well as a graphical representation, and an interactive text description through our Audiom map creation platform built by the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. This allows users of all abilities to experience the map online.

Video Demo of The Auditory Magic Map


The Magic Map is a project to build the ideal navigation solution for the Magical Bridge playground in Palo Alto California. The project is a partnership between the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute, XR Navigation, and the Magical Bridge Foundation.

The Magic Map was founded on co-designs with 17 blind individuals presented in: This paper from ICAD 2019 and this paper from RESNA 2021.

There are three components:

  1. Interactive 3D tactile map
  2. Digital cross-sensory map
  3. Highly accurate turn-by-turn wayfinding system (in progress)

Interactive 3d Tactile Map

Picture of a bronze map of the Magical Bridge playground with 3D play structures and trees

This map has 3D models of major landmarks in the space, and uses computer vision through the Camera Input Output (CamIO) application to detect where the user is pointing with a stylus on the 3D model map. This allows the user to hear a name and description of the feature they are pointing to.

Picture of a hand holding a stylus pointing to a 3D feature on a 3D model map

Turn by Turn Wayfinding Application

Turn-By-Turn wayfinding is the last piece of the navigation solution, giving users sub-meter accurate directions to their location. The Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute is creating the INavigate application that will allow users to navigate using computer vision without connecting to an external server. Note this demo is done in-doors, but the playground is outside:


The Magic Map is referenced in the below publications:

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