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XR Navigation is a company that builds inclusive navigation solutions for buildings, public spaces, and other geographical areas. We utilize the latest research in XR (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality) to provide our clients with a solution that is usable for people of all abilities. For example, when building a navigation solution for a building or space, we utilize three areas of technology:

  1. A tactile 3D interactive map
  2. A digital cross-sensory map
  3. A turn by turn wayfinding application

These three components create the full navigational experience that users of physical spaces have repeatedly asked for in studies and feedback to our products.

Tactile 3D Interactive Map

This map has 3D models of major landmarks in the space, and uses computer vision to detect where the user is pointing with a stylus on the 3D model map. This allows the user to hear a name and description of the feature they are pointing to.

Picture of a hand holding a stylus pointing to a 3D feature on a 3D model map

digital auditory map

We have built the only platform that provides a digital auditory representation of the spatial map information, as well as a graphical representation, and an interactive text description through our Audiom map creation platform. This allows users of all abilities to experience the map.

Map Example

Turn by Turn Wayfinding Application

In partnership with Goodmaps, we add highly accurate turn by turn navigation to any enclosed space. This application uses a mixture of computer vision and Inertial Odometry to provide a highly accurate turn-by-turn wayfinding application to the users. The app ranges in accuracy from half a meter to 2 meters, depending on the building and technology being used. NOTE: the below video only talks about buildings, but we can do any enclosed space like a park or strip mall:

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